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A Silk-Like Thermoplastic

Nylon, previously known as No-Run, Nuron, and Nilon, has been a prominent material in the manufacturing industry for many decades – a successful synthetic alternative to silk. Nylon is used across countless applications, from automotive to beauty, cosmetics, mechanical, textiles and more, and is excellent at retaining strength when submitted to harsh environments.

Goonvean Fibres manufacture Nylon 6-6 for our precision cuts. We also offer Milled Nylon Flock and Anti-static Nylon, and we are happy to tailor to your specific needs and requirements.

Quality matters, so at Goonvean Fibres, we’ve added further value to our nylon fibres, including zero fusion, improved flow characteristics, shorter cut lengths, and lower overall customer production costs.

Available in a range of sizes

Standard Fibre Details

Our nylon fibres are hard-wearing, durable, soft, easy to dye, and resistant to animals, fungi, insects, mould, mildew, and rot. We also take great pride in their ability to resist high temperatures, including sunlight, to combine with liquids and gels, and their excellent elasticity and elastic recovery.

Technical Fibre Details

Nylon is a name for a family of synthetic polymers such as aliphatic and semi-aromatic polyamides that are a minimum of 85 per cent by the weight of the amide-linkages (-CO-NH-) and are attached to aliphatic or cycloaliphatic units. As a member of the synthetic polymers family composed of polyamides, nylon is widely known for being a silk-like thermoplastic. We supply Nylon 6-6, the first nylon fibre produced worldwide, but we are happy to accommodate specific needs.

Nylon (N3)

Moisture Content%3.0 – 5.5WI 107
Melting Point°C210 – 250WI 309
Densityg/cm³1.30-1.40WI 300
Dry TenacitycN/dtex4.5-8.0WI 311
Dry Elongation at Break%30-50WI 311

Conductive Nylon (6Yarn/23)

Moisture Content%1.0 -5.5WI 107
Melting Point°C>200WI 309
Breaking StrengthG>1750N/A
Resistance Targetx 106 ohms/10cm<9.0N/A

Milled Nylon

Moisture Content%≤ 5.75WI 107
Melting Point°C210 – 250WI 309
Densityg/cm31.30 – 1.40WI 300
Dry TenacitycN/dtex4.5 – 8.0WI 300
Dry Elongation at Break%30 – 50WI 311

To find out more, get in touch. We are happy to help you incorporate our fibres into your products, as well as discuss any bespoke requirements.

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