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The First Organic Reinforcement Fibre

Our meta-aramids & para-aramids fibres (including Nomex© & Kevlar©) are high-performance fibres with excellent chemical and physical properties. Aramid fibres are ideal for manufacturing quality products for performance in difficult or hazardous environments. They have resistance against impact and damage making them suitable for manufacturing armour and other products that require increased longevity.

Our milled aramid fibres (Flocks) are designed to improve the properties of industrial materials and products. They are also suitable for wet and dry applications to maximise strength and reinforcement.

Quality matters, so at Goonvean Fibres, we’ve added further value to our milled aramid fibres when applied in conjunction with your base materials to minimise operational costs and reduce waste, maintenance, fluid loss, and energy consumption. These include recyclability, shortness of cut, and lower comparable.

Available in a range of sizes

Standard Fibre Details

Our meta-aramids & para-aramids fibres (including Nomex© & Kevlar©) are high in strength and durability, are non-conductive, abrasion, chemical, and solvent resistant, have low flammability, and have a very high melting point of >500°c.

Technical Fibre Details

Aramid is short for aromatic polyamide, a synthetic, organic polymer that we manufacture by spinning solid fibres from a liquid chemical blend to form long-chain synthetic polyamides. Aramid fibres were the first organic fibres to be used as reinforcement in advanced composites and possess greater mechanical properties when compared to steel and glass fibres.

To find out more, get in touch. We are happy to help you incorporate our fibres into your products, as well as discuss any bespoke requirements.

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