Goonvean Fibres Assist Manufacturing Clients with Product Development

Product development projects

At Goonvean Fibres, we work closely with our clients to ensure the utmost satisfaction. We carry out a number of research and development projects, communicating directly with our clients by hosting regular meetings both in-person and virtually, to help them with their manufacturing processes. The team at Goonvean Fibres is highly reputed for their knowledge,

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How We Achieve Eco-Friendly Fibre Manufacturing

Eco-Friendly Fibre Manufacturing

We are a fibre manufacturing company based in Cullompton, Devon, proudly distributing fibres to industries worldwide. Our workforce strives to produce high-quality fibres and manage to achieve this in an eco-friendly way. We understand the impact manufacturing companies have on the environment. Therefore, we have taken a stand to ensure that we are doing our

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The Industries That Benefit From Our Fibre Products

As one of Europe’s largest precision cut fibre and flock manufacturers, we have provided our services to many industries worldwide. Our fibre products and milled flocks are used for multiple applications, from cosmetics to aerospace and medicine. We also offer commission projects, fibre dying and raw material sourcing. Our mission is to meet all business

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How Commission Cutting & Grinding Can Help You Achieve the Perfect Product

Hand holding a bunch of fibres in a factory

We carry out commission projects on a contractual basis to help achieve the perfect product for our clients. Commission cutting and grinding is designed to tailor to individual business’s specific needs, with a whole host of fibres and materials at your disposal. We also offer the best cutting solutions in the event of any challenges

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the ecofloc fibre by nature logo

At Goonvean Fibres, we offer a range of natural, fibres that are proven to be better for the skin, better for the ocean, and better for the planet. is a 100% biodegradable and can be used as a replacement for Polyester fibres in nonwoven applications. Made from Modified Cellulose Acetate, it holds a wide range

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Charity Christmas Raffle

It may not have felt like the most wonderful time of the year for Christmas in 2020, but we knew we had to make the best of a difficult situation and decided to hold a charity raffle for our staff to bring a bit of festive joy to the last day in the factory. This

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Cardboard Tube Creations

Shortly after we all returned to the new ‘normal’ way of life for many of us, we contacted some of our local primary schools to see if they could make use of any of our cardboard tubes which were left as wastage from our manufacturing process. Not only did it mean that we were able

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